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IONSPA Bath 1000 scientific 8 stage filter system shower head -BLACK and CORAL BLUE
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IONSPA BATH 1000 - BLACK ( 6 )



Vortex Magnet filter, Retreatment Filter, Germanium Filter, Ceramic Wing, Ge-Lite Filter, secondary Retreatment Filter, Micro Plate. PACKAGE INCLUDES: Shower Headx1, Ge-Lite Filterx1

Ion Activation

Step 1. Water passes through the vortex magnet filter on a handle to become smaller hexagonal water molecule.

Step 2. The hybrid spin magnet filter of the head refines hexagonal water molecule.

Change in Water after the Process of Ion Activation: Structured hexagonal water / Decreased surface tension / Increased solubility / Increased mineral / Increased conductivity / Generated negative ion / Increased electromotive force / Long maintained viscosity.

Faucet water changes to the most affinity water to human body and skin: Hot spring effect / Easy removal of dead skin / Promotion of metabolism / Soothing effect of skin / Improved dandruff and itching / Delayed and improved skin aging / Glossy and elastic hair texture.

Soft Water

IONSPA Shower head finely crushes water molecules which pass through vortex magnet filter and hybrid spin magnet filter and changes hard faucet water to soft water. It is because the size of water molecule becomes smaller enough to enter the pores.

Purified Water Effect

Step 1. Passes through 2 step pretreatment filter Filters clean water.

Step 2. Passes through Ge-Lite Germanium Filter Applies the effect of antibacterial, sterilization, purification, negative ion and far-infrared ray.

Step 3. Rotates ceramic wing of illite material Enhances water quality purification and electromotive force, increases negative ion.

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  • IONSPA Bath 1000 scientific 8 stage filter system shower head
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